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Food Safety

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"You can be sure that when you see a watermelon with the GF brand sticker, you are seeing the freshest, safest, highest quality melon we can provide."

At Graham Farms Melon Sales, Inc., we understand the importance of a safe food supply and strive to do our best to provide our customers with the freshest and safest fruit possible. We follow food safety guidelines and have implemented policies and procedures in our packing houses to ensure the safety of our product. Our facilities are inspected and certified annually by PrimusLabs. Our certifications are recognized globally, following the idea “Once inspected, accepted everywhere”.

All workers who come in contact with melons are initially trained in hygiene and sanitation, then as the season progresses refresher training is also provided.

From the time a watermelon is placed on the packing line, steps are taken to ensure safety. Melons pass under a machine that gently brushes away dirt and debris, and buffs each melon to a glossy shine. Melons are then packed into bins or cartons and each bin is capped with its own lid to ensure no contaminates come in contact with the melons inside. Binned melons are then stored in a dry, shaded area that is monitored and protected. Daily pest control inspections are conducted within each facility.

The packing line is cleaned and sanitized every morning before the start of operations and throughout the day, finishing with a final cleaning at the end of the day. Hand washing and sanitizing stations are located throughout each facility to ensure hands handling the melons are clean.

We even go the extra mile to make sure one of our family members is present everywhere we load melons for our customers. We are there to monitor every step. Start to finish. There is no leaving the job up to someone else. Food safety is our responsibility and we take that responsibility very seriously.