Cutters walk each row cutting only the melons ready for picking. The loading crew follows behind, picking up the melons and stacking them into wagons or busses. The wagons or busses are taken to the packing house. The process of packlng, loading, and hauling melons takes approximately 150 people. 

As the vines grow and fill in, the plants begin to set fruit. Thick leafy green foliage helps protect the melons as they mature. In about 120 days from planting day, the delicious fruit heralding the summer season will be ripe and ready for harvest. 

Plants come from the plant house in trays ready to be transplanted directly into the rows of plastic covered beds. Rows are spaced 10’ apart and plants planted 2.5’ apart. Raised beds keep plants and fruit off the ground and prevents disease, while the plastic keeps weeds from choking out the tender plants allowing them to pick up all the nutrients from the soil they need. 

Land prep for the next season’s crop begins around October 15th. Graham Farms uses state of the art laser and digital equipment to ensure not only a beautifully laid out field but everything is precise. Less spray material used keeps cost down. Fertilizer is applied directly where needed. The field is easily accessed by equipment, and plants have the growing room they need without being damaged by equipment driving through the field. 

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Once the melons reach the packing house, an unloading crew transfers each melon onto our state of the art, custom built, melon belt. The melons are passed under a brush machine to remove field dirt and debris and each melon is visually inspected for imperfections. Finally, each melon receives a GF
brand sticker. With 21 people working the line, quality control is at its best. 

Watermelons love sunny days (preferably in the 70-80 degree range) and night time temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees. Watermelon plants are vines that will continue to run and fill in with thick lush green leaves. A single plant can vine out to cover 100 square feet! 

Each watermelon is sized by hand and turned off the main belt where it rolls gently onto a packing 
platform. Trained and experienced workers then pack each melon in bins or cartons according to
customer specifications. 

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When the bins are full, each bin is covered with its own lid to ensure contaminants cannot reach the
melons. Forklift drivers then stack the bins into inventory until trucks arrive for pick up. Our operations 
are designed for and capable of loading up to 30 semi-trucks each day.